John Stoddart is recognized as one of the world’s most renowned photographers. Born in the United Kingdom he is known as “the photographer to the stars”, photographing glamorous celebrities such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sir Anthony Hopkins, to big name bands including “The Rolling Stones”.

He is best known for having taken scores of photographs of famous faces including Pierce Brosnan, Carla Bruni, Michael Caine, Anthony Hopkins, Jude Law, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Catherine Zeta-Jones. He was born in Liverpool and is a former Grenadier Guard. Based in Whitstable but often in London, Stoddart is self-taught and has been in the business for over 25 years.

He has been lauded by Professional Photography Magazine as one of their "Top 100 Photography Heroes" and by Master Photographyas “the man with stars in his sights". A raconteur in his field, Stoddart’s past and present clients have included EMI, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times, Vogue and Virgin. He has published 4 books of his works – It’s Nothing Personal (1997), Peep World (2004), Flags and Badgers (2014) and Liverpool, before the Exodus (2016).

In the audio interview below you will hear how John served in the British Army for six years. He says it was "Chance and Happenstance" that sparked his interest in photography.

He also worked in the post office in Liverpool on his return from the Army.

Leaving his beloved Liverpool for London. He decided to turn professional with his photography. He started taking photographs of the rock scene there. Having his pictures published in the National Music Press.

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In this interview John shares his favourite music tracks of the day!