So, after my disability employment provider straight up lying to me the other week and saying that I wasn't going to get another capacity assessment as she'd asked Centrelink about it, and then when I was on the phone sorting out a child support debt, I asked about the assessment and it got booked for two days later.

The out come of that - a 90 minute phone call about what ails me with a psychologist - was that I'm applying for disability support pension, and getting an exemption from "mutual obligations" (ie looking for work or doing study and justifying my meagre JobSeeker allowance) until the end of the year.

So that means booking a GP appointment - couldn't' get in for three weeks, to get him to do some documents, filling out lotsa forms, getting my hospital team to help me out with proving my mental health is a disability once my case manager gets back from leave.

I really hope I don't get rejected, though most people seem to these days.

What would being on Disability mean to me?

Aside from the extra cash (which I don't agree should be a thing, all payments should be liveable), having it validated that I can't work, and that therapy is going be freaking INTENSE over the next two years to even get back to a point where I could work or study with any reliability.

So yeah, that's my current task in amongst this covid chaos - we're not locked down in Newcastle but the virus bubbling in Sydney has us all on edge and has my baseline anxiety alerted. I was sitting in Antabuse group today getting steadily worked up :/

How are you coping?