Dreams about so many people thinking they mean well, or trying to tell me what they are doing to me and want for me is what's best for me and not a ploy to get what they want to make themselves feel good about themselves. While they say and do one thing while telling me that someone else doing and saying the exact same things is the one out to get me. That they really have my best interests in mine.

Meanwhile, I feel at my best when I'm both free and safe. In this dream that was literally being in a locked ward but being allowed to run up and down the hallways without being stopped so long as I wasn't hurting anyone else. Meanwhile they were still crowding me. Trying to visit, sitting on my bed, not going away when I thought they should. And when they were meant to. They were all breaking the rules, Covid rules, road rules, rules about visitor numbers, mask wearing. And I just wanted to scream and scream and tell them to get the fuck out of my space and leave me to my own devices. They'd tell me this boy only wants me for sex but they're be doing the same. And I was jsut wanting them to shut up and let me get on with my life and finding the safety and comfort I needed in my own way