Had a phone / then video consult with my case manager at the hospital on Thursday. I was my usual cheery self. Showed off the creek we back onto. She told me they're dropping back to monthly in-person visits to the hospital to get meds and see how we're going. with the mention that it could be reviewed if someone is struggling but they really want to have people coming in from the community as little as possible.

I honestly feel like I'm going okay, even though I'm not sure if these headaches and pains are just all in my head, vaccine side-effects, covid, or what. I had a test a week ago, negative, the AZ shot was two weeks ago. Who knows. Paranoia sets in sometimes.

She asked me how I went with lockdown last time. I couldn't remember. I mean the worst of it I think I waw still working, becoming increasingly anxious and drinking more. But I'm not sure. Then I was in my cave for a few months, I don't know. She said it was good that I don't remember but I don't think it is. I think it means I'm minimised the worst of it.

I wasn't coping. But that was last year

1035 is the number of new cases today. They just announced it.

I really want October to come so I can start with the new Therapy team. So I can start DBT proper. I hope Covid doesn't mess that up.

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