Goal setting session of sorts in my therapy session today. What would I like to be doing more and less of as a result of 12 month intensive therapy?

I mused about sleeping better, about not freaking out or perseverating on ideas about death or fears in the middle of the night. About travelling to Japan one day, and not kicking myself for never going before, for putting others' needs and wants first. About relearning japanese, pickingup up the texts, the grammar and vocab, being able to understand it as well as I could in High School. Wondering what would have been if I'd chosen to take it for the HSC rather than dropping it before "marks" and it just all being too scary.

thinking about possible work, about advocacy, the Greens, maybe becoming an NDIS planner or Support Coordinator. Dabbling in things to see what gives me that thrill of being alive.

Not living my life in fear of doing the wrong thing, whatever that is. Using it for caution rather than having fear controlling me. Maybe even being able to have a glass or two of wine.

Being me, finding out who I am.