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Ep 21 - Tor Eigeland, Stuff Happens

Ep 21 - Tor Eigeland, Stuff Happens

Feb 23, 2022

This is episode number 21, of photo country. And I have a very special guest for you. Tor Eigeland. A veteran photo journalist whose work has been published, on the Life magazine, National Geographic, Aramco and many other international publications.

He was there in Havana, when Castro made his victory speech after winning the revolution. He has traveled with the Bedouins of Arabia and drank tea with the marsh Arabs of Iraq. Here is a photographer, witness to some iconic moments in history. It was truly an honor to talk to him.

His book, Stuff Happens - the far from humdrum life of a photojournalist, is available now for purchase. You can get it from You can see Tor's work on his website, or follow him on Instagram -

Appreciate all your listeners to support this podcast. I hope you enjoyed this episode. Until next time, stay safe and keep clicking. Buy me a coffee and support this podcast!

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