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Hi. I'm Phowr (Tony Le), Eggcademy founder. Currently I work as Head of UX/UI Design Department of be Group JSC, which is known for be ride-hailing app.

Eggcademy is a side project of mine to improve quality of product people in Vietnam. We are building an active learning community called Eggcademy. This is not a free community where no one has any responsibilities to do the right things. We take a small membership fee every month from you ($5 ~ two cups of milktea) to put more responsibilities on us to maintain the quality of Eggcademy. 

At Eggcademy, you can experience a wide range of active learning activities:

  • Online webinar
  • Open questions
  • Research topics
  • Quests

Hopefully, you will become active learners throughout our community activities. 

Thank you for joining us and hope to see you soon in real life.

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