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Exploring mother/daughter relationships and inherited wounds in one family over a hundred years. Finland is the setting for 1909-1970 and the rest of the dual timeline story is set in Sweden.

The project is ten years in the making including going back to university to study creative writing (and starting a jewelry line). I left tech sales and marketing and dedicate my days to these projects, but now I focus on finishing part one and two in the series, committed to producing a body of work that hopefully will embolden the reader as well as perhaps inspire them to understand more of their own family history.

I'm writing the series i Swedish, but will share some translated scenes, newely created aforisms and short life observations in English. Anything that can incite the ambition to live an authentic life, guided by intuition. In addition I will share interesting (mostly historical) facts from my research as well as writing tips.
Let me know what you are curious about!

If you'd like to take a look at the jewelry, also inspired by history, you can find it here: or on Instagram:@arvasweden. However, due to an unexpected stop in the production, I'm very low on stock, but if you like what you see and want to invest, you're welcome to contact me.