Buy Pia Thrasher a beer


Hi and welcome to this page!

My name is Pia and I'm a sci-fi/horror lovin' actor, visual artist, writer and occasional filmmaker from Germany pursuing the dream in California! 🌴

I created this ‘Buy me a Coffee‘ account (well, in my case, 'Buy me a Beer') to help support my artistic 'habit'. This page is similar to a Patreon account, but without the monthly commitment. You can add a little coin to my tip jar or set up a monthly contribution to help me with my creative endeavors.
I decided to do this in conjunction with my newsletter 'Pia shares her Dark Half', which is free for everybody to enjoy and share!

I also write and direct short films (usually dark/horror comedies) which you can watch on my YouTube Channel. Then there's this whole art thing.. my Her Dark Half and more if you went to follow me down the rabbit hole.

You can get early access to original art, new works in progress, behind the scenes photos of my film sets and lots of my writing, including a poem or two and whatever else pops into mind!

If you haven't done so yet, don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter, Pia shares Her Dark Half which hopefully helps you find a creative way to release your shadow side. Join in on the fun every other Friday!

Thank you in advance for the love and support!