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Hi! Oluwafemi here👋 and I'm the creator of Picashot.

Picashot is a web and mobile application developed for the gaming community to upload and share gaming photos. From what originally started as an android only application, Picashot has evolved into something much more, constantly fueled by the creativity and support of the Virtual Photography community also now availabile on iOS and of course the web!

Picashot all started as an android app in 2021 via this tweet as a result of my passion for video games and VP, and over the months, it has evolved from what was originally a pet project into a really valuable product for the VP community all thanks to the immense support and feedback.

The idea was to develop a niche platform exclusively for Virtual Photography the same way digital artists have DeviantArt to showcase their art skills, and game designers with Artstation, and we've taken this one step further with the launch of Picashot Portfolios; a service that allows you showcase your work in a dedicated space that's all about you and your creative vision.

Currently, Picashot has about 30,000 photos and over 700 wonderful users which is quite mind-blowing personally😍

If you're loving Picashot and its creative vision, and would love to throw in a support, we'd love to invite you to join us in building the ultimate platform for Virtual Photography artists everywhere. By becoming a sponsor of Picashot, you'll be directly supporting the vision and helping to bring even more exciting features and opportunities to gamers and VP artists. And as a thank-you for your support, we'll show off your status as a valued sponsor on our official sponsors page.

You could do this by throwing in your support via donations to keep the brain rizzling! Any amount of coffee would do the trick, or you could also become a member and support Picashot. Your support would make a HUGE DIFFERENCE


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