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Pigfender is the creative sub-division of the mind of a guy called Rog. He writes all sorts of lovely things and runs the annual collaborative writing event, Novel in a Day.

You've probably stumbled across this page because you've taken part in Novel in a Day, the annual collaborative writing event to, well, write a novel in a day*.

As well as planning and running the event itself, I'm responsible for coming up with all the plots for the books we've written together. It's quite a bit of effort, and all done in the spare time between the day job and my own writing.

NiaD is completely free (and I want to keep it that way!) but it is pretty much run on caffeine, so if you've loved taking part and want to say thanks, or just generally want to encouarge me to write more, I'm always grateful for a cup of tea!

* - if not, go check out

GRateful bought 5 cup of teas.

These five cups of caffeine are only to be used in plotting out NIAD 2020!

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Mrs is thankful for the day off. She hopes you do it again. So do I. Enjoy one on us!

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Thanks for Niad, Rog!

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Conrad Gempf bought 10 cup of teas.

thanks for running NIAD