Jun 06, 2022

No more post here.......For good.....

I just realize that PayPal is no longer supported with Buy Me a Coffee...After considering this element, in addition with all the negative feedbacks of Trustpilot not answered yet by Buy Me a Coffee, I will no longer post here.I will keep this account alive for history the time I set up my personnal stuff, then I will moving to Ko-Fi, which has better feedback and features, then shut down this BMC account.Good luck in your life, guys ^^


Jun 03, 2022

New game: Race for Willy Willka silver tickets

May 08, 2022

New game: Map bot in amusement plaza

Apr 16, 2022

New game: Flash riot shield training

Apr 01, 2022

New game: Paddle ball binary edition

Mar 13, 2022

New game: Retro duck hunting stress relief
New game: Abandon the ship with the couch
New game by me: Gadget arrows vs zombies
New game: Giant robot battle 2D
New game: Lightsaber training 2D
New game: Attack on screaming beans town