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Due to the pandemic, a lot of aspiring pilots, aviation students and even licensed pilots have lost hope in the aviation industry and I am here to bring their DREAMS, HOPE and PASSION BACK. PLEASE SUPPORT ME ON MY ADVOCACY! 

Hi! I am Filipina Pilot Chezka! An Airbus A320 Pilot, Air Force Reservist , Content Creator, Registered Nurse, Former flight attendant, Mom and Entrepreneur. 

I started all my social media channels to help and guide people to reach for their dreams. I plan to continuously produce high quality content and EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS and will be giving away PILOT BOOKS & E- BOOKS, AIRBUS SIMULATOR SESSIONS (AIRLINE EXPERIENCE) , CESSNA DISCOVERY FLIGHTS, XPLANE SIMULATOR and PHONE SUBSCRIPTIONS and OTHER PILOT STUFF.

I CANNOT DO THIS ALONE. I WILL STILL NEED FUNDS FOR THIS. Any amount will be a big help to make this dream a reality.  

My journey to becoming a pilot wasn't easy and I know it is hard to fund for this dream. I was helped by scholarships and my family for my flying school funds. Even my Airbus rating was a scholarship. My long- term goal in the future is to be a blessing to others and to produce and help aspiring pilots who are really deserving but do not have the funds to become a Pilot. For now, I need to bring back what these people have lost…. and that is HOPE & LIGHT. 

In the coming days you will see the giveaway contests. The winners and their journey will be posted on my Youtube videos and in all my social media accounts. 

Thank you for supporting my content creation journey to make this possible. Together, let's bring back the aviation industry to where it was before even if it means taking one little step and one person at a time.