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My name is Pip and I am a UK based travel writer, podcaster and travel contributor for BBC radio.

After many years of travel adventures and unusual mishaps, I decided to create a travel website. I wanted it to be a resource for people seeking travel advice from a travel expert.

I now write travel articles that include, travel hacks, destination inspiration, city guides and affordable luxury.

I also enjoy living out a ‘Carrie Bradshaw fantasy’, of sipping wine and tapping away on a laptop. Hence the site’s name ‘Pip and the City’, as a sort of wink to that.

If you would like to support my work, I am a massive fan of vanilla lattes and I would be totally stoked if you would like to keep me in coffee so that I can keep on churning out content. 
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I want to buy you a coffee because you say lots of nice things about the place where I live.

Thanks so much Kevin, I am so glad that you liked my article.

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You earned it 😂

Oh my goodness, thank you so much, that is super kind of you. That will keep me in coffee this week for sure. So glad you like my content.  :)