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❯❯❯ Pirate Piška — INDEPENDENT — ONE — GIRL — BRAND — YO ❯❯ Witty and responsible products make this brand story true to its origins. Brand is based on the principles of quality workmanship with a minimalist, unisex and sustainable approach in mind. Backpacks are made with local / EU materials, t-shirts are part of Fair Wear Foundation and all products are packaged in plastic-free packaging.

❯❯❯ PLEASE CHECK THE LINK FOR MORE INFO ❯❯ ❯ I listed some parts of my work where I would need a touch of your support. The truth is,– I dream (too) big and to achieve what I have envisioned, well, a lil’ financial push would mean everything. Luckily, you can now support my ideas as simple as buying me a cup of coffee and that would mean a lot.

Srsly. It would mean a lot.

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