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$547 of $700 goal reached

Help me upgrade my webcam

$547 of $700 goal reached

Help me upgrade my webcam

Hi, I’m Nelson.

Follow me on my journey to Design, learn and inspire.

I’m also known as the Pixel Geek, a Visual Developer, who specializes in building websites using no code tools – Webflow, Zapier, Airtable, Memberstack.

Besides that I'm also a father of a star, husband to Jessica and an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO).


If you would like to request a custom tutorial to be made on my YouTube channel, please consider donating and giving me as much details as possible on the type of tutorial you want created.

Thanks and as always,

make the web beautiful, together. 😁❤️
Sam Dickie
Sam Dickie bought 2 coffees.

You're a legend! 🔥Keep up the awesome work.

@nosekbk bought a coffee.

wish i could grab a coffee w/ you in SF like the last time. stay safe!

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Hey Nelson, I learned a lot from you, could you take a look at my in-progress website? Greetings & hugs!💙

José Ernesto Rodríguez
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Thank you for your work! Super helpful and inspiring 😎 Tutorial idea: Create a simple portfolio whith super accessible elements. #headings #menu #arialables #alttext etc.

Jason bought a coffee.

Thanks for your help man