Pub week is always a combination of fear and excitement. It never gets old to hold a copy of your new book - in this case Thunderball - in your hand. The small amount of people who read the e-arc loved it and I got some great feedback and a super blurb for the jacket. The network of contacts that I've been building up over the years came through (and continue to come through) in a big way.

Also it's competition week, the PW BookLife Fiction Prize went live yesterday and I entered Rollover into that. The Open Flame Press cafe is still every Sunday, for now (see earlier posts for the zoom link). In the next couple of weeks I'll be fully vaccinated (yay!) and may start going back to my regular coffee shop haunts to write (I know it's still there and open, I've driven past a couple of times to check) TKE has just reopened with limits on customer numbers and plexi glass all over the place and everything seems to be going smoothly and hopefully that trend continues.