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I do a lot of work for free (speaking, my newsletter, advice).

I do have rent to pay, though, and if you can, buy me a coffee. If you can't, a high five or hug will do. 

Danielle Woodward
Danielle Woodward bought 3 coffees.

Hi! Just wanted to say that you've been kicking ass these last 2 weeks. I see you and I appreciate the hard work and endless hours you've been putting in. Since I can't buy you a coffee or a brunch cocktail (whichever one you need more, I won't judge), I guess this is the next best thing. You rock. 

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love the newsletter

Someone bought a coffee.
T. bought 3 coffees.

Thank you, from an (aspiring) leader, all the way from France!

machiko bought 2 coffees.

hello from los angeles! we miss you!