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My name is Uchenna Ngwe and I'm the creator of plainsightSOUND - a research project dedicated to exploring and promoting the work of historical Black classical musicians in Britain. 

plainsightSOUND emerged from research undertaken as part of a PhD at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, and since then has taken on a life of its own!

As a self-funded PhD student - and freelance musician - I have no financial support or sponsorship for this research and have had to fund it entirely through other income. If you think this is work is as valuable as I do, and you're passionate about keeping these stories alive, please consider supporting future work by donating the price of a (fancy) coffee!

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Sorry you can't make the conference Uchenna! Adding this to our resources, though. Hope we get a chanc to meet soon.

Thank you! Hopefully we'll get to meet at some other point :)

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Thank you for your work!! 

Thank you!

Martin Walsh
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Hers to these composers being played! Thank you for your work. 

And thank you for your support! ☺️ 

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Love what you're doing!

Thanks Anna! 😊