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I have dedicated my life to travel and exploration of world's food culture. Over the years I've amassed 120K+ photos (rough count as of 2020). I've been lazy so far, but it's finally time for sharing my knowledge on

I'm a low-budget traveler and I am not planning to change this. I don't want to become a paid influencer. TIME is my capital. I rely on volunteer jobs, couch surfing, hitchhiking.

I picked olives in Croatia, taught English in Hong Kong, repaired ancient tombstones in Georgia - all without getting paid. I lived in a jungle villa, stayed with friendly villagers in Kazakhstan, listened to poetry on Korean tea fields - all without paying a fee. By learning languages and food culture I get closer to people anywhere I go. We share time and space. 

Selection, editing photos, research, writing: creating a blog entry takes days. Even a simple Instagram post needs several hours of work. I put my heart in it. The more happy I am seeing how much people appreciate my content.
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