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Hi there,

Here at Plannercraft, we love to teach, inspire and encourage creativity in all its forms. We have taught craft classes across the UK in both 1-to-1 and group sessions.

Then in September 2018, we started publishing our own craft magazine "Go Create" which specialises in crafts that are not usually covered by those on your newsagents bookshelves.

Roll on to 2020, and in January we published our first book "Go Create: The Annual 2019". This has inspired us to move to publishing educational book titles, the first of which is came out in April.

The Lockdown has seen us giving free weekday classes on Facebook Live while still trying to maintain some workshops online. Buy Me A Coffee helps to keep these classes going while we are waiting for restrictions on teaching to ease.

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Happy Birthday Natalie! 🎂 Wishing you a very happy birthday and thanking you for a year of Plannercraft. Cheers! ❤️❤️

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