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Plant Lily's Official Donation (Watering) Site ♡

I am Lily, a cosplayer, gamer, model who likes to create *lewd photosets! This page is for my phone photosets. You can get HD photosets on Patreon !

So welcome~ Support me here and I'll personally send you exclusive photos/selfies that I will not post on other platforms! One photoset usually contains 20-30 photos/selfies + 2 videos! ♡ One set is usually 9-11cups of water depending on the *lewdness & quantity. Of course, If you water more, you will receive extra photos~

*** Do leave your Instagram Username so I can DM you ***

Paynow/Paylah accepted. Screenshot the transaction and DM me on IG

Photos are lewd but no Implied/nudity

Customized Photosets requests available! DM me your outfit of interest and we can talk about it~