Buy plazma a caffeine injection


Hi, im Plazma. I have a wildy overqualified brain for this world that I now put to use to share info. NEEThood is my only other source...unpersoned.

I think I have fulfilled my obligations from my previous request for a couple hundred quid. Quite spectacularly actually! (Didnt I do well!) I thought it would be over after I did the scientific stuff, well, I got it out to the world and proved what I was out to...
So now, I guess the whole thing continues. Now I am upping my game more than proving what people were breathing in (which I did, and informed the world of).
This time...I want to be able to make it to the guilty ones and ask them live on stream the questions we need answers to. Its a motorbike fund...I havent let you down yet!

I need a bike! You will watch it all live on stream. I am no grifter (which I have a sane world, I would have won a Nobel).