Buy plazma a caffeine injection


Hi, im Plazma. I have a wildy overqualified brain for this world that I now put to use to share info. NEEThood is my only other source...unpersoned.

I need 2 powerful Transmitting Software Defined Radios that go about 6 Ghz, 2 frequency doublers and a decent USB microscope that will work with Linux so I can figure out WTF is going on.

The Software Defined Radio will allow me to send/transmit customised sine waves/radio signals out towards these things I need to test. I am basically going to replicate a small region of radio waves towards the (the you know what stuff). I need 2 because these cannot transmit AND receive at the same time. I need to frequency match. I promise you all, I will figure out what is going on. 

I need two of these (He used to work for DARPA and designed them there, they are actually pretty cheap all things considering, but they are $400 each I dont have...might as well be a million):

Two of these (to give me a wider frequency sweep (About $150 each)): Multipliers.aspx

I have raised enough for the microscope already.

I'm probably literally going to die for it, this is the hill I have chose to die on. 

Help me get there!

I despise grifters, so, feel no pressure or whatever.

Just trying to do what I can, and my finance is crippled beyond humour. 

I also genuinely believe this is the singular most important scientific experiment that can ever be done for the sake of humanity in its entire history (that will be done publicly, for the sake of the public. I will stream my entire experimentation live. So it will probably be 18 hours a day when I get the equipment)...I am at a complete loss where my counterparts are, however, if you asked any of them behind closed doors...they would all agree that this would be an intelligent diagnostic approach (this isnt a "normal" protocol I am using, this has never been done before, I am literally coming up with all of this as I a sane world, it would win me a Nobel...not even joking).