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I'm P.L. McMillan, lover and creator of all things morbid, macabre, and murderous! Originally from the Canadian prairies, I am now living in the Colorado Mountains, after having lived in Asia (Thailand, then Japan) for three years teaching English. Needless to say, I've always been a bit of a restless spirit and love to travel when I'm able to.

I write almost everyday -- whether it be for my fiction, my blog, or my homebrew Call of Cthulhu campaign. I'm best known for my cosmic horror and my sci-fi horror fiction and my short stories have been featured in a wide variety of anthologies, collections, and podcasts. Tea, coffee, and scotch fuel me in equal measures as I spin out weird tales of horror.

Right now, I mostly write short fiction but I am aiming to start creating novellas and, eventually, novels, soon.

While my main passion is writing horror, I also dabble in cross-stitching, digital art, oil painting, and resin art.

What does it mean to support me via Buy Me A Coffee? At the very least, you'll keep me swimming in caffeine and supporting an indie horror writer. But more importantly, you'll be helping me achieve my dream and keeping me accountable to you, my supporters, to never stop working towards that dream.

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