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Archive Acquisitions Update!

Mar 22, 2023

Ok now that things are much more stable I wanted to post the first of several updates I plan to do through April!

Monday's post will be my requiem for the 3DS, but today I want a short post to show what I have recently acquired for the wider archive!

Starting off with the N64, the work to get all of the North American releases is proceeding steadily. I have no idea what Hexen is about, and The World Is Not Enough will never hold a candle to Goldeneye. The true prize is Doom 64, because I love Doom SO MUCH.

I also found a few relatively cheap pickups for the first two Playstations! Polaris SnoCross I am really looking forward to playing as I used to have it on PC and I have some...vivid...memories of it.

The Collector's Edition for Final Fantasy XII comes in this REALLY neat metal case that you don't see a lot of games use, even back during the heyday of physical media. The bonus disk has a lot of interviews, an art gallery, and other fun things I may record for the channel or just broadcast in discord one day.

Crossing The Pacific I did find something I was really looking for on the Wii: Weeb Stuff.

Specifically, this is one of the many video games for the Pretty Cure franchise, a magical girl series I love to bits. This is actually a rhythm game that I would love to play if it were not for the accursed region locking crap they put on most consoles.

I will need to shell out either for a JPN Wii or find one cheap I can hack to region break to play this... :(

Now for the true prize of my recent acquisitions: An original JPN only copy of the very first Atelier game: Atelier Marie!

I just knew I had to find this when they announced the remake of this game coming for the Switch and PC, and Ebay delivered in very good condition! The Atelier series is near and dear to my heart and acquiring the games is a personal priority for the archive!

This one I will not have to region break a console for, though my very limited knowledge of Japanese will prevent me from really diving deep into this for now. I am still so very excited to have this!

That is what I have today. Right now I am frantically downloading all available 3DS demos before the eShop closes on the 27th. On that day I will post my thoughts on the shop closure, my memories of the 3DS (the first console I ever bought with my own paycheck), and show my admittedly limited preservation work on the console.

Until then, I wish you all the best, and thank you so very much for taking the time to read!

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