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Hello! My name is João Santos. I'm a web developer who loves developing apps that helps people creating music or getting better as musicians.

My most popular creation is drumbit, a web based drum machine. It aims to be a very easy to use drum machine, offering means to put together a drum beat very quickly and in a very intuitive way. 

Check out my App Gallery for more apps created by me.

Greenwood, Shem
Greenwood, Shem bought 5 coffees.

I teach High School use drumbit to play songs for my high school students that help them memorize logic concepts for class. Thanks!

reggaedelgado bought a coffee.

using drumbeat with my daughter! Looking forward to her first platinum album soon!

Rob Murray
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Enjoying the  Jazz 24, it's legit :)    Kids I work with are going to love this drum machine app too, thanks.  

Steve Abercrombie
Steve Abercrombie bought 3 coffees.

I made a whole album using drumbit!

Mariana Zatti Soares
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