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This week's highlights:

  • Manuel Chang may be sent to the United States of America (CanalMoz, VoA)

  • Government will ‘grab’ 25 thousand hectares in Palma, not 12 thousand (Carta de Moçambique)

  • Displaced people in Nicoadala feed on wild fruits for lack of food aid (O País)

  • District elections divide opinions (O ​​País)

Former Finance Minister Manuel Chang, detained in South Africa since 2018 in the context of the hidden debts case, could face trial in the United States. 

The Constitutional Court of South Africa last Tuesday denied the request of the Attorney General's Office of the Mozambican Republic to submit the last possible complaint so that Chang is not sent to the United States.

According to the court statement, quoted by CanalMoz, it is not in the interest of the South African Justice to hear Mozambique's claim at this time.

As the Constitutional Court is the upper limit of the South African justice system, writes CanalMoz, the decision to send Chang to the United States must now be carried out.

Adriano Nuvunga, coordinator of the Budget Monitoring Forum, told VOA that the decision is an important victory for the Mozambican people who were pushed into poverty by the grand corruption actions led by Manuel Chang.

On 17 May, the spokesman for the Council of Ministers, Filimão Suazi, announced that the Government had approved the allocation of a DUAT of 12,000 hectares of land located in the district of Palma, in Cabo Delgado province, to the Centro de Desenvolvimento of Economic Development of Cabo Delgado.

However, Carta de Moçambique says it has found that the government will actually grant 25,000 hectares, that is, 13,000 hectares more than what it has publicly declared.

Sources linked to the process guarantee that the project had been planned for almost 10 years, but was implemented after the population abandoned their lands due to terrorist attacks.

So far, the Government has not yet explained what mechanism it used to listen to the population affected by the area granted to that entity, as recommended by the Land Law.

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More than 10,000 people resettled in the Nametangurine neighbourhood, Nicoadala district, Zambézia province, use wild fruits, such as ‘minhanhe’ and ‘tube’, for food.

Families arrived in that neighborhood, some following the rains and floods, and others victims of terrorism in Cabo Delgado province.

A displaced person named Elizabeth Agostinho said that the food distributed by the authorities arrives in small quantities and that it is normal to go a month without receiving food. Children are the main victims, as they cannot feed themselves. That's why, she says, her parents go into the woods to get wild berries to cook.

The issue of district elections is a complicated matter, since if implemented, the district administrator won’t have a role, especially in districts that are also municipalities, considers Albano Macie, Counsellor Judge of the Constitutional Council and one of the figures involved in the discussions of the process of decentralisation in Mozambique. 

He says that at some point the space for action between the municipality and the elected administrator will coincide. Macie, quoted by O País, added that, with the elections, the administrator would be of no use, but if he were a representative of the state (as he is today), he could act in areas where the Municipal Council has no activity. 

He ended by saying that the issue of district elections is a controversial issue and that it is only in the Constitution of the Republic because it wanted to achieve a fundamental objective, which was to end the military hostilities generated by Renamo.

MDM and Renamo, however, say district elections must take place.

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