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This week's headlines:

  • Third term for Nyusi would be a kind of self-defense, says Ngoenha (O País)

  • Opposition asks PGR not to insist on preventing Manuel Chang's extradition to the US (VoA)

  • Communities of Inhassoro and Govuro injured in 53 million Mts due to the non-transfer of the 2.75% destined to the natives (Carta de Moçambique)

  • Increases insecurity in IDP camps after new attacks in Ancuabe (VOA)

A third term for President Filipe Nyusi would be a self-defense mechanism to safeguard his life and freedom, in the wake of mistakes he may have made as Head of State in his first two terms, says the philosopher and rector of the Technical University of Mozambique, Severino Ngoenha. 

Without mentioning which problems exactly, Nguenha said that it is actually a trend that has been seen with Mozambican heads of state in the last 20 years, who end their mandates with enormous problems that can lead to serious consequences for themselves and their families when they leave office.

He added that in 2 or 3 years Mozambique may have more conflicts, resulting from problems linked to the desire to continue in power, and he brought as an example the vindictive spirit that President Guebuza has publicly presented.

The PGR must stop appealing the decision to extradite the former Mozambican Minister of Finance, Manuel Chang, to the United States of America, because in addition to the country spending a lot of money on judicial proceedings, it is also jeopardizing fundamental rights of the former ruler, according to MDM president Lutero Simango.

It is not clear why the PGR insists on a case that is already considered lost, wasting money in vain, added the spokesman for the New Democracy Party, Dércio Rodrigues, speaking to VoA.

Yaqub Sibindy, the president of opposition party PIMO, said the PGR does not know what to do — because if it had known, it would have stopped following the case of Manuel Chang's arrest in South Africa a long time ago. 

About 53 million Meticais are owed to the communities of Govuro and Inhassoro, in Inhambane province, out of the 2.75% of tax revenues that the government was supposed to transfer to the communities that host Sasol’s gas projects.

Of the 2.75%, the government only transferred 1.28% of Sasol income to the communities of Inhassoro and Govuro. 

By transferring a percentage lower than that legally established, the government not only violated the Law, but also harmed and limited the development of those communities, says CIP, cited in Carta de Moçambique, adding that the amount could have been used in the implementation of several projects of local development to improve the quality of life of these communities.

The recent attacks on villages in the Ancuabe district, which is home to thousands of people displaced from the terrorist attacks, have increased the climate of insecurity in resettlement neighborhoods and camps for displaced people in Cabo Delgado province, several displaced people told VOA.

One of the leaders of a camp for displaced people in Metuge said that the camp for displaced people did not have a security force and the native population from several nearby villages had spent the night in the woods as a way of escaping any incursions by the insurgents.

Another person in charge of a camp for displaced people, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals, said that insecurity has kept the displaced people sheltered in resettlement camps or neighborhoods awake, as they have nowhere else to flee.

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