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NoticiÁudio, 27 May - 5 June: Chissano and Guebuza 'no comment' on Nyusi 3rd term; fuel pr

May 25, 2022

Dear listeners, welcome to the edition of NoticiÁudio for the 27th of May to 5th of June 2022!

This week's headlines:

  • Chissano and Guebuza say they’ve never heard about support for Nyusi's third term (O País)

  • Government assigns displaced people's land in Cabo Delgado to third parties without consulting them (Lusa)

  • New fuel price worsens the struggle of Mozambican families (Lusa)

  • Armed group terrorizes Cabo Delgado (O País)

Former Mozambican presidents Joaquim Chissano and Armando Guebuza declined to comment on a possible third term of President Nyusi, an idea which has gained momentum after last Friday, when the Frelimo youth organization OJM spoke out in favor of Nyusi continuing as the party’s president. 

Asked by the newspaper O País to comment on the matter, Chissano and Guebuza both said that they had not heard the announcement and therefore could not speak. 

It is an idea that has been under consideration for some time, but it is the first time that a ‘social organ’ of the ruling party has publicly commented on the subject.

In legal terms, the current Head of State cannot run again, since the Constitution establishes two uninterrupted terms as the maximum limit. Some analysts told VOA that the position expressed is not by chance, and could indicate an advance in this direction.

The Government of Mozambique took advantage of the conflict and the absence of communities in Palma to allocate 12,000 hectares of land to the Cabo Delgado Economic Development Promotion Center.

The disclosure is made by the CDD, which states that the CPD, a beneficiary of land, is an unknown public entity created in May 2021 and whose attributions and powers are confused with the mandate of the Northern Integrated Development Agency (ADIN).

The organization advances that the approval of the provisional DUAT in favor of the CPD was not preceded by a public consultation with the affected communities, as required by land legislation. Furthermore, the public consultation could not take place due to the conflict that forced the populations of Palma to leave their areas of origin.

The CDD notes that the CPD does not have the institutional and financial capacity to exploit 12,000 hectares of land, so this area will most likely, in the future, be parceled out and allocated to various private entities (including Frelimo elites) with interests in the natural gas projects in Palma.

New fuel prices came into force on Tuesday, a fact that is causing the prices of basic goods to rise, suffocating even more families.

Motorists told STV that they are considering parking their vehicles. Those who use cooking gas are tending to replace this fuel with charcoal — because, with the new price list, cooking gas, for example, goes from the previous 880 Meticais to 940 Meticais

Transport association FEMATRO, in turn, told Lusa that it will propose to the Government an increase in transport prices, in order to ensure the sustainability of the activity, due to the cost of fuels.

The armed group has resumed terrorist attacks in Cabo Delgado, where, in just one week, several people were beheaded and kidnapped, in addition to some attempted assaults on military positions.

The alleged terrorists had been trapped in Macomia and Nangade districts since September 2021, after the arrival of military aid from Rwanda and SADC, and the security situation was considered under control, but now, according to the PRM, the armed group has returned to drive in Muidumbe and Palma.

The last terrorist attack in Cabo Delgado, officially confirmed by the Mozambican state, since the country received external military aid, was in February of this year, when the armed group assaulted the island of Matemo, in the district of Ibo, which is about 100 kilometers from the city of Pemba.

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