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Here’s the way I look at life. It’s all a success. I realize from one point of view you can only have one success and there can be lots of failures. Like in a race. Twenty-five people run and only one of those folks is going to run the race and win. The others lose the race, and we call them losers. That a failure, isn’t it?

Well, depending on how you look at it yes, they might be called losers. But they also ran the race. They finished the race. Why don’t we call them finishers? That’s better than a failure or a loser.

Okay, so of all the papers handed in a teacher will award grades based on merit. Like an A+ paper will be exemplary. All the words will be spelled correctly. The grammar will be satisfactory. The story told well. Just an all-around good paper. What if nobody got an A+? Does that mean everybody else got an F?

No, the teacher decides what the criteria is going to be. Some will get good grades, some will get better grades and some won’t get much of a grade. But if nobody got an A+ does that mean they all failed? No. Everybody got the grades they were supposed to get.

So, it took me 200 times to quit smoking. During the time I was quitting, I felt really bad about it. One failure after another. I know what that feels like. But after I was totally smoke-free? I realized each one of those failures was really a step in the right direction. I also realized that without them I never would have succeeded.

You can change the way you think about things. You just pivot a little bit. It doesn’t take much. It really doesn’t. Sometimes it takes a bit of soul searching. It may very easily involve you learning not to be a victim. That’s a tough one, but I hope you do it. It makes the rest of your life a lot easier to handle.

The thing about changing the way you look at one little thing starts a snowballing effect in your life. The next small thing you decide is important will lead to another thing and before you know it you are leading what other people might call an exemplary life. You didn’t mean it to be that way. It’s just the small things you thought were the right things to do.

That stuff adds up over time.

You all want to add something?

No, I think you said it all.


Nope. For once you had the last word.

Oh, that’s funny. Thanks.

Don’t tell your husband.

 Note from the author: That little interchange above was me talking with my guide, Seth. At least, I think it was Seth. Sometimes, I can’t really tell. I’m a channel and have been talking to Spirit as a psychic/spiritual channel since 1993. I decided when I retired to share the stage with Spirit. Before that, I would not normally bring whatever Spirit had to say into the conversation. I hid. I faked it. I pretended. I’m an old lady now and life, I figured, was too short not to be true to yourself. Have a wonderful day and I’ll see you next time.