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Katherine Patel
Katherine Patel bought a coffee.

Legend. Thanks for making it easy to listen to these. 

My pleasure :) Thank you

Hannah bought 3 coffees.

Hey! I just wanted to say thanks so much for bringing podrot back. It’s got me through some sleepless nights and I appreciate the effort and expense you go to do the this for us. Pin pin! 

You're most welcome. It's worth the expense just to see the stats and how many people subscribe and stream the content I host. I shall put your generous donation towards a long overdue haircut once the apocalypse dies down. Actual love and LING LONG LING!

That’s so nice! And I just read my original message and I’m trying to work out if I was drunk the night I wrote it (more than a little bit). Actual love! 

Joe bought 3 coffees.

I couldn't be more thankful that you've brought the website back, honestly I'd be lost without these radio shows!