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The fact that you're reading this probably means I could help you somehow :)
Thanks for considering to buy me a coffee.
It'll brighten my day and will give you a +25 EXP boost in kindness.

Thank you so much,

alberto Olivares
alberto Olivares bought 5 coffees.

Andreas   This is Alberto from Mexico      Thanks a lot for your effort and support ..

Thanks Alberto! Glad I could help 😊

Evert Merkx
Evert Merkx bought 3 coffees.

Hi Andreas, In the Luminescence Lab at TU Delft we are very eager users of your software. So here a few cups of coffee as my thanks!

Thank you Evert! Makes me very happy to hear that it's useful to you 😊 

Falko Hofmann
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Dean bought 5 coffees.

Thanks Andreas for the excellent Python project!

Thank you so much Dean 😊

Frank Iannarilli bought 5 coffees.

Frank and Steve at Aerodyne Research appreciate your efforts on PySeabreeze!  Enjoy a melange at Central! 

Hey Frank and Steve, Danke schön ☕️ I'm happy that I could help 😊