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My name is Aranya. I'm the curator of Poetly, a newsletter where I share poems, and stories that help in creating an intimate space of engagement with the poetry. I handle this page completely by myself.

This is a free newsletter, and I hope to keep it that way.

There are several costs incurred in its production. Some of the more visible ones include the maintenance of two website domains, and an airtight Protonmail account.

Some activities that are lined up (2021-2022)
- A space where original poetry can be submitted
- A podcast

There are no existing revenue models for any of the work that I do under the Poetly umbrella, which is why I have made this page.

This is not a commercial endeavour.

I do other things to put food on the table. I hope that, in time, these adventures evolve to an extent that allows me to bear all allied costs for this project, and even pay contributors.

Until then, your support, however nominal, will help me in continuing to bring you meaningful content.