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Everybody needs a break, don't they?

Jun 23, 2021

If you are taking one, don't forget to take the haiku pea podcast with you.

Did you listen to the latest podcast? Some wonderful original work and three great commentaries. 

Congratulations to Allison Douglas-Tourner, Marie Derley and Mimi Ahern for their nominations as the judges' choice.

Here are the links for the latest offerings:

Podcast Audio, S4E12 
Podcast S4E12 on YouTube
Yūgen workshop on YouTube
Pea TV Haiku Moments from James Young please follow the link and let him have your feedback on YouTube
Pea TV Prompt , awaiting your poems and feedback

Don't forget submissions for yūgen  open on the 1st of July, not long to go.

 A haiku for today:

ebb tide…
the sea sucks in
the Milky Way

              Srinivas S
              Poetry Pea Journal, Spring 2021

'Til next time, keep writing...

The Haiku Pea Podcast

ps. Thank you for the coffees 


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