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Let's unite our community of haiku poets on Instagram

Jan 18, 2021

Do you use Instagram?

If the answer is yes, let's try something...

Could you please?

  • follow me @pealogic

  • use #poetrypea for all your haiku posts

  • like the work of our fellow poets on the hashtag and show them some love

Just one more thing: Could you please add a review on whatever platform you listen to the podcast? It will help others find us and maybe we can drop into the top ten poetry podcasts this year. You will find a number of links to these platforms on the latest podcast shownotes.

The latest Haiku Pea podcast is now out:
You can listen here to Series 4, Episode 2: Spring and Autumn haiku


If you've not sent me your humorous haiku and senryu, time is running out. Submission period 1- 20th January.

'Til next time, keep writing...

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