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Portraits Of Girls is an online and printed publication that celebrates natural beauty and sex appeal in photography and film. For a decade, the website has featured the work of celebrated photographers and top models as well as that of those who are out to follow in their footsteps on either side of the lens.

Maintaining takes a lot of time, effort and money.

Our hope is that supporters will help us recover some of the operating expenses associated with Portraits Of Girls. These include everything from the cost of our server and the services of our web developer to miscellaneous fees such as those to license software as well as fonts that are used on the web and in print. Premium Wordpress plugins can be pricey, too.

The truth is that the current state of web monetization sucks. There are companies trying to change this by working on ambitious solutions such as ones dealing with micropayments. Until some of the newest tech is fully realized and implemented on a mass scale, BMAC is one of two means of income that we have (the other and primary being Patreon).

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