First of all, as usual, I want to thank you for your help in this project, every single penny means a lot and today we are at an awesome situation to keep the app running without any money issue so far.

Right now I am working on:

  1. Some improvements at the app and you can follow it through (you can send your suggestions there too).

  2. A dedicated vertical mobile interface to make the experience of play Poker Now at the cellphone even better! 📱

After the vertical mobile interface, I am planning to tackle a feature that is requested by a lot of players, multi-table tournaments.

I am being very active at Twitter, showing cool stuff, and doing some pools there asking things about the future of Poker Now, so you definitely should follow us if you don't follow yet 😎

Last by not least, Poker Now have a Product Hunt page (a website that lists cool projects), and if you can apply your upvote there (you will need less than 1 minute to it), you will help Poker Now A LOT.

Thank you again! ❤️❤️