Last updates on Poker Now (Run it Twice and Spectator mode)

Hi, some of you probably already know this, but these were the last updates on Poker Now:👉 Run it Twice: when no more actions can be performed before the river, the players will have the possibility to run the next community cards twice. The room owner needs to activate it on the game configs, and you can define a default decision on your player preferences. You can learn more about this feature by clicking here.👉 Spectator Mode: now... more

Jan 21

Omaha Hi/Lo (PLO8) and 3 years of Poker Now

Hi, these are the last updates on Poker Now:🔼🔽Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better (PLO8): finally the beloved dynamic version of Omaha has landed on Poker Now!Some other minor adjustments:👉 Poker Now will present a slightly inner glow on the felt to help you notice when is your turn.👉 Now you can define the showdown presentation time to find your optimal game pace.👉The logs received some visual adjustments to make it easy to read and understand.-----🎉🎉 Besides the updates, Poker Now is... more


Sep 17

Video chat, playing with cents and smart stack update released

Hi, these are the last updates at Poker Now:📹 🎤 Integrated video chat has landed at Poker Now, you don't need to use any other third-party app to play poker with your friends with voice and video. The video/voice service is powered by improvements👉 Now the owner can change the players stacks enqueuing chips addition, chips removal, or just setting a new stack. This will make easy to do add-ons!👉 Now you can play with decimal or cent denomination, making... more

Aug 14

Rabbit hunting and Live Straddle released

Hi, I am passing here to tell you that in the past weeks I released at Poker Now the possibility to see the undealt cards when the action finishes (also known as rabbit hunting) and the possibility to do live straddles, both very requested features!I hope you like it and any feedback is appreciated.More is coming in the next weeks, don't miss any update at our... more


Jul 22

Dedicated Vertical Layout released

Hi, just passing here to tell you that I released a dedicated vertical layout at Poker Now, making your game sessions easier at your smartphone since it will not require you to change the orientation when using other apps anymore, I hope you like it and any feedback is appreciated. Now I will probably take some time to fix some bugs and implement some new game-wise features, stay tuned.It is never enough to thank you for your contribution because this helps to keep me always motivated... more

Jul 08

About the next Updates

First of all, as usual, I want to thank you for your help in this project, every single penny means a lot and today we are at an awesome situation to keep the app running without any money issue so far.Right now I am working on:Some improvements at the app and you can follow it through (you can send your suggestions there too).A dedicated vertical mobile interface to make the experience of play Poker Now at the cellphone even better! 📱After... more


Jun 26