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Update 21 May 2020

Update 21 May 2020

May 22, 2020

Just a quick update for the donators.

In the past days I delivered some features that a lot of you were asking like blind timer, game log download, a way to filter the log to only show cash-in/cash-out, some design adjustments to make more obvious who needs takes the action and other minor adjustments.

Not less important, fortunately we reach a good level of stability, although I have some issues to fix yet that I will address ASAP.

All this is being possible because of you that believe in this project and help with donations, feedback, and helping me in the Discord when I need it. Thank you all and I will address a lot of other issues and new features to make Poker Now one of the best poker clients out there.

If you want to suggest something or participate from the discussions that drive the Poker Now future, I invite you to meet our Gitlab

Thank you and have fun!

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