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My ultimate goal in building PoleMovebook was to create the resource that I wish I had as a beginner.

Pole dancing is a nightmare of a sport to learn–the names of moves are inconsistent, difficulty levels of tricks are often much different than they appear, and learning tricks in isolation means nothing if you can’t dance them together. Not exactly the pinnacle of a beginner-friendly sport!

I’m a database architect by day, so I tackled these hurdles by compiling a database of pole moves. Since 2017, I’ve been documenting every move I come across and all of the entries/exits from each move. About 300 moves in, I realized that the database that I’d created had the potential to make pole a more accessible sport. In 2019 I began turning that database into, and I launched the site in 2022.

I want quality pole information to be more accessible to groups it currently isn’t--those who can’t spend $30/class on a weekly fitness class; people who live where there aren’t any studios nearby; strippers who want to learn on their own schedule or feel unwelcome in their local pole studios; people who haven’t taken up pole because they’re not comfortable with others seeing their bodies. The pole community is such an incredible, supportive group of people, so eliminating the barriers facing others from joining became an immediate goal of mine. While I'm certainly not the best pole dancer myself, I hope PoleMovebook is proof that you don't have to be the best at a sport to apply your skills and make a valuable contribution.

A supporter is worth so much to any project, so thank you for visiting this page and considering funding the work you love. People willing to give back to the projects they benefit from are the glue that holds projects like PoleMovebook together.

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