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Hello friend,

I created this page to do something positive, help others stay safe using technology (Human Rights). This is home to another Blog of mine detailing things I am working on lately. Sometimes posts here may be temporarily private (if they are sensitive) to provide those who have helped me, a look ahead at what I am working on. This also gives me an opportunity to finish something before larger channel/content creators takeover a given concept before I get a chance to release it. Afterwards most posts become Public.

Privacy, or lack of it, will be the largest determining factor in all of our futures. This is fact.

About Me:

Over 20 years Linux/Networks real world experience. Specializing in personal privacy/anonymity, Linux, networks. I want to share unique ideas/concepts with you. Many times supporters read on things not published elsewhere (or otherwise early releases).

I run video channels on multiple platforms (Odysee, Peertube, Youtube, Bitchute) with aim to help others via video tutorials, writeups, open source scripts/Python, and other offerings to make a difference.

I log my progress experimenting with different technologies, sharing my Vlog/Blog tutorials with others.

You can find links to my public repositories and video channels here. I tend to post looks ahead on this BMAC page. You can see other public works at: and

This page is more update than wordpress. Anyone who supports me with a coffee receives only the most important updates by email and additional access to private posts: offering tips not published elsewhere (if you like).

Currently working on a hidden service (.onion) Tor access git server similar looking to Github/Gitlab, running underlying software called "Gitea". I will be opening registration to the public and sharing new things there. You are most welcome to start your own projects there, even contribute to those I start if you have a new idea/fix (contributions first carefully reviewed to ensure user safety).

I write/create privacy software/scripts/teaching materials for you (depending on donations to continue (every bit helps) this work).

Offering free answers to your questions in the comments section of my video channels/blogs/here. If interested in (ethical) Linux/privacy/tech consulting (see the button), I'm here and happy to help.

I like to experiment with different ideas/concepts. When I come up with something I feel worthy/positive for the public, I release publicly.

Privacy, or lack of it, will be the largest determining factor in all of our futures.

Data is collected, sold, and even utilized for nefarious purposes. Leaks by data brokers may take place under something called "plausible deniability." Under this, hacking may be faked to prevent accountability. There is no guaruntee your data is safe. The ability to actively pursue privacy/anonymity (when necessary) is vital to our future.

We will see this all unfold over the next few years. Another reason open source software (and hardware) has become vitally important.

I promote free (Libre), open source software/hardware solutions,. The beauty in free, open source software (FOSS) is, having the ability to know exactly what your software is doing. Even if you choose not to look at the source code, we should all have that right.

If a post is private here it is because it is a work in progress, or exists to give supporters a bit of a look ahead at more personal thoughts.

Really, where possible, I prefer to share everything.

I'm here to help others. If you appreciate something I've done, consider helping me with a coffee. Purchasing consulting helps fund the many sdcards/small hardwares I burn through, leading to future products and open source concepts.

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to reading your comments! :)