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OSINT Defense (Exiftool): Spoofing Picture GPS/Location & More Metadata!

May 08, 2021

Did you know your pictures uniquely identify you using Metadata scraped from picture files?

From your camera model, to serial numbers, name, even GPS location... our cameras store (and thus share!) private information linking us to our pictures across different platforms. Ultimately identifying us (no matter how unique the picture appears). This is something taken advantage of using OSINT (Open Source Intelligence).

This can be taken advantage of by stalkers (being not everyone in OSINT is ethical), and a defense may be important to you.

We can fix this problem. And here I'll show you how. :)

Instead of working to prevent information sharing, in this video we show how to take advantage of metadata scraping/collection to inject new locations/tags into the Metadata tags on our pictures.

Whether using Windows, Linux, Mac, or even a Linux based phone, we can 'anonymize' our pictures by injecting segments into compartmentalized identities as Metadata to prevent cross identification across different platforms/gathering by stalkers.



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