News: iPhone File Scanning Backdoor?

News: iPhone File Scanning Backdoor?

Aug 06, 2021

Clicking the photo above takes you to the video with my take:

In some ways I can appreciate creative concepts with intention to protect privacy while getting 'bad guys' (of this sort) off the street. I'm not confident this story will end there.

Under the premise of "protecting children" Apple is installing (on all devices) a file/iMessage self scanning system into "iphones and other devices."

I'm not an Apple/iPhone user: but I do know how these things can evolve over time. Apple carries influence in ways that inspire other "similar features" in devices/legislation. Some of which may use less discretionary methods.

I support the quest to take down child predators. Interestingly, this line of reasoning makes it more difficult for majority of users to criticize.

Maybe that's the idea. Reminds me of the days after 9/11. We need surveillance to protect us from terrorists: and yet we are more likely to be killed by falling furniture.

This is too far. Invasive in design. Too easily tweaked towards censorship and compromise of encryption.

QUOTE: (Apple later said it would also use other organizations in multiple countries for the hash program and was waiting for those deals to finalize before announcing their involvement, Reuters reported.) - From:

And who maintains these "hash blacklists?" Can it be targeted towards users based on political belief? Is there a possibility of targeting? Not all organizations were listed.

How is one to know it is scanning for what it says it is?

How can users be assured they will not become victims of misidentification?

What about attackers uploading files to a targeted Journalist's iCloud to sit back, await their demise?

What about the possibility of Journalists (who share their phone number publicly) receiving blacklist material as a form of attack/persecution for their hard hitting Journalism stories/investigations?

It's not farfetched to see something like this happening. Maybe on mass scale. Some kids might do it for the lulz.

It's all just a very bad idea. A horrible precedent from a company saying "Privacy: That's Apple."

Innocent users pay large sums of money for their Apple devices. Privacy was their slogan. Something Apple promised. They sure screwed that up.

Seemingly now, just a gimmick.

This opens the door to strong coercion for expansion. It won't be long before those around the world start knocking on Apple's door looking for the "big hookup". Additional search lists. Outside it's original scope.

What it does: Essentially turns your phone into a device that constantly scans and monitors you. You might call it big brother in your pocket.

The first update: constant monitoring/scanning of files/iMessage (and thus activity) against a known blacklist. And what is coming next? How will it be "improved?"

Imagine how bad this could become over years... as this new tool grows stale...

Because we all know it will expand.

I felt the precedent was important. Not everyone is going to agree. Some may say "think of the children."

And to those I say "wake up!"

You cannot determine who will run today's technology in the future. And this is why the unspoken rule has always been: If it could be used for evil- don't make it!

I started my channel/blog as I knew the road we were headed down. I wanted to bring attention to the fact when it came to privacy, we were all being led to the edge of a cliff.

We are about to be pushed off.

See my take in this Odysee video:

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