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I2P: not just for privacy / anonymity practices. It's also a network / protocol of opportunity. With the potential of greatly enhancing access security for the servers running eepsites. End-to-end encryption (as with Tor .onion), its own unique p2p (peer-to-peer) benefits, and customization (we will cover more on this).

These networks (I2P / Tor) provide the next generation in security when compared to problems of traditional "trust" on the www (ie: cert authorities, etc).

Another factor at play is the visibility. eepsites (.i2p) are easily harder to hit.

The ones who can reach them, are those who even know they exist (as long as access is restricted otherwise).

I see wider adoption (Tor / I2P) over the coming years, especially given security challenges of AI.

🔐 🧄 I2P-Desktop

Put together I2P-desktop. Allowing easy creation of an I2P desktop browser shortcut / button automating the starting I2Prouter, opens dedicated I2P browser profile (with I2P tab for labelling), proxy settings completed. It even stops I2Prouter when you close the browser.

Here's a walkthrough / demo, and setup instructions:




📁 DOWNLOAD I2P-desktop (Use Tor Browser)

(may add more to this post check back if interested).


For now, check the variables. May automated some of this later.

Where is your i2prouter installed?

The default inside start-i2p script is /home/user/i2p/i2prouter

If your i2prouter location is different, change the variable value (from /home/user/i2p/i2prouter) inside start-i2p.


Getting Started With I2P+ (enhanced i2prouter fork)

I2P Anonymous Clearnet

I2P On Pinephone / Linux Devices

Get I2P

Get I2P+ (fork introduced in tutorials: great beginner option)

i2pd (lean C++ I2P)

StormyCloud (outproxy / I2P / Tor exit node operator)

Incognet (I2P node operator / hosting company)

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