Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the US! 🦃 🙂

I was running out of space on my Pinephone DanctNIX Arch install, and thought I would share a solution, to help you free up space on your own Arch based installation.

Below this, a couple commands for Debian based systems (Mobian, Debian, Kali, Ubuntu, Parrot, Pop!_OS...).

Whether you run Linux on a laptop, tablet, Librem5 Fx1 or Pinephone, these commands should help make room for new applications / storage.


While I perform this on a Pinephone, you can follow along using the exact same commands.

As a Linux phone = Linux computer (in your pocket)

Check Free Disk Space

df -h

Yikes. Only 5% space left (1.6GB). Common problem on smaller disks (such as our emmc).

Let's make some room!

Clear Cache

pacman -Sc

Remove Orphan Packages

pacman -sR $(pacman -Qtdq)

Started out with only 1.6GB left (5% free space on /).

A couple commands later opened free space up to 8.2GB (28% free space on /)

💻 📲 DEBIAN (POP!_OS / Ubuntu / Kali / Parrot)

Older kernels take up space in /boot, leaving little room for upgrades.

You may be wondering: "how can I free up additional /boot space?"

Below are Debian commands to become familiar with:

Free Up /boot

remove packages downloaded per requirement:

sudo apt autoremove

Debian: Free Up Additional Space Package Files

clean files downloaded for pkg install:

sudo apt clean

clean / remove files not needed anymore

sudo apt autoclean

Run above commands anytime you are running short on space, to find more!

Thanks for following 💻 ☕ 😎