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I2P Is Great.

Have been planning to cover I2P since channel started (3yr ago).

While I've experimented using I2P over the last few years, this video is my first look at I2P+, enhanced I2P router.

Goal is to cover I2P in as "beginner friendly" manner as possible. Here we are.

I2P deserves real exposure (doing my part here). You will really enjoy trying this out.

(above screenshot from I2P website)

Tor of course, is well worth using (and fits most use cases for clearnet - normal internet).

There are more exit nodes on Tor. More on this later.

I2P is another tool in our toolbox.

Many people have reported trouble figuring out I2P. It's been a barrier to more widespread adoption.

Today We Change That: presenting I2P+


Yes. Will cover outproxy in coming content. If trying this before covered here, be aware, double check your work / setup.

Thanks StormyCloud (and Incognet) for generously providing I2P outproxy infrastructure to I2P users. StormyCloud is kind enough to run several I2P / Tor nodes / accepts donations.

Incognet also credited with providing Tor / I2P nodes, and offers additional privacy focused services here, to support their free services.

📝 NOTE ON ABOVE: this blog not sponsored nor asked to share above or related to above I2P providers (no sponsors here except those nice enough to grab ☕ coffee / extras / membership).

Their sharing of privacy services for connecting to normal clearnet is a very noble thing to do, and is not without risk to themselves.

Above providers deserve positive support (check out their services).

MOST OF ALL: Don't abuse these outproxy services.

The I2P+ app (focus of this video) comes with many I2P websites. Once you install, set proxy settings in browser, just point and click websites of interest. 😀

⚠️ We will cover safety specific tips around I2P in future content (be sure to follow this blog)

As we delve deeper into I2P, we will learn how to use it for anonymous internet usage (as well as eepsites [.i2p]).

Today: a quick, easy way to get started: very quickly! 😉



What's nice is the I2P+ installer is universal for Windows / Linux / MacOS. Only need Java to run it.

📁 Download I2P+ Directly (clearnet - normal internet browser link)

📁 Download I2P+ Directly (Tor Browser hidden service link - more secure option)


Run (as normal user, shown above in screenshot):

java -jar i2pinstall_2.0.0+.exe


Below command assumes your I2P directory is in /home/userNameHere/I2P

~/I2P/i2prouter start


NEXT: In about:config, set media.peerConnection.ice.proxy_only to True

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Without Further Ado, Welcome To I2P:
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I2P Project: official I2P website ("The Invisible Internet Project")

I2P+ Project: covered in this tutorial (perfect place to start with I2P)

☁️ StormyCloud: I2P infrastructure donor / provider of outproxy for I2P (as a 501c3, StormyCloud accepts donations)

Incogtube: a sponsor / provider of I2P outproxy; to support their public I2P outproxy, check out their services here (not sponsored to say this: they are doing a public service and deserve support)

Tor Project: another anonymity network / browser (search "tor" in previous content)

Doing something unique for I2P? Send an email / comment and will consider adding link to this section.

(this post will have additional info / tips added -- had to call it a day [12hr editing this video [originally longer], grateful to members for their support]; check back for additional info / tips)

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See You Soon. 🕶️