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Feb 27, 2022

When it comes to Human Rights, strong encryption can become the great equalizer.

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πŸ” Upgrade Your Security / Privacy Game With PGP

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πŸ“½οΈ Today's video: Learn PGP in just 11 minutes of video.

Given the current political world climate + ongoing attacks on end to end encryption messengers, I felt this topic appropriate.

No matter what happens to encrypted messengers, PGP will always be there for you.

Many ways to use it, and I will continue covering different ways to use it for the community. πŸ”’

Who is this for? You can use this on ANY operating system/computer.

(Even on a Pinephone: I use GPA on mine).

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PGP Public / Private Key Communication:

(watch video down below for demo + instruction)

Imported Public Key Verifies Signature:

Scenario: Alice writes message to Bob, signs using her private key, and Bob is able to verify it was from Alice herself, as he imported her public key into his keyring. This public / private key system (asymmetric) offers proof of signature.

Without being signed by her actual key, validation would not be proven.

FIRST STEPS: Add Contact's Public Key To Your Keyring First:
(To Communicate)

NEXT: Verify Fingerprint (see signature verification post below for more info on this process):

Watch below video to see the encryption demo + instructions on decryption process + benefits.


  • Write exclusive encrypted messages (only recipient can open)

  • Decrypt messages written exclusively for your key

  • Create new PGP keys

  • Learn how PGP provides stronger security to messengers

  • Learn to exchange public keys (making messages private/exclusive)

  • PGP allows compartmentalization of encryption from the message transport
    (allowing situations such as airgap)

  • Learn to verify signed Linux images to ensure you install safe software

Drawbacks? Some may say lack of perfect forward secrecy.

You can certainly get creative with versatile PGP!

NOTE: diagrams + screenshots found below video for your reference

πŸ” Upgrade Your Security / Privacy Game With PGP

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If you rather watch here on this post, video embedded below (new mirrors added later):


After watching and learning about verifying your Tails Image (or other Linux downloads), why not setup Tails USB disk to continue the process and take full advantage of PGP benefits and have confidence in your Linux setup?

Tails Persistence Encrypted USB tutorial linked down further below (the ideal way to run Tails).

You can do it! Leave comments if you get stuck.

✍️ Full Signed Linux Image PGP Verification/Integrity Guide (if you missed it):


  • First, we learn how to use symmetric ciphers in gpg to encrypt file backups to securely transfer files on email and any other platform (symmetric cipher keeps encrypted data secret except for those knowing the passphrase)

  • We learn to backup our PGP keys and transfer them to a new device (securely)

  • We learn to use scp (ssh file transfer) to transfer files directly using encrypted connection

(click image below to watch on decentralized Peertube channel or watch the embedded Youtube video below it)


Thanks for watching! πŸ™‚

πŸ’Ώ Related Flashback: Install Tails USB Encrypted Persistence/Customization:
(since covering verifying Tails in example, this fits the post!)

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