⚑ Premier Of Faraday πŸ“¦ Box Video IV (+L ...

⚑ Premier Of Faraday πŸ“¦ Box Video IV (+Live Chat)

May 01, 2022

Hey everyone,

I completed video IV of the "Household Faraday" Box Series. This video has extra tips and will be premiering over the next hours ahead.

See It Here (when it opens):


I wanted to send this post out as a notification to give anyone interested plenty of time to join us in the chat.

This way, if you have any questions or thoughts, or just want to say "hi", I'll be there, along with anyone else who feels up to joining!

See you later!

TIP: Tin foil is used to make this guide more accessible. We explore how signal blocking is a privacy bonus and can mitigate in face of electromagnetic fields.

Facing serious close proximity EMP attack, one should not reasonably expect a few layers of aluminum foil to offer the same protection as something heavier duty, more conductive.

The more conductive, the more effective the protection (for both privacy and EMP related protection). This guide uses household materials to allow just about anyone to follow. Additional layering, and / or use of more conductive material strengthens protection. The choice is yours! Copper is an excellent choice over aluminum.

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