UPDATE: new automated installer only requires Librewolf (can be adapted to firefox if you like). See the I2P-desktop option here.

The following requires you to have (preinstalled): Librewolf, i2prouter (i2p+ is great choice here for starting out). After this, you should be ready to begin.

Once you complete setup, an I2P browser (which starts i2prouter for you, and stops it on browser exit) will be available in a 'tap' 📲 😎👍

💡 UPDATE (02.26.2023)

newest Librewolf "I2PBrowsing" (Tor browser link) profile comes with javascript disabled. This is the safest setting for javascript, but may break certain sites requiring javascript.

You can re-enable javascript by heading to: about:config

Next: double click javascript.enabled to make it read "true".

TIP: Leave javascript disabled outside the sites you need it for, to retain maximal protection.

TIP: Update Librewolf I2PBrowsing Profile

It is recommended to update to latest I2P-desktop profile. Made small improvements after experimenting (02.26.2023). Will continue tweaking as needed.

Download latest I2P-desktop browser profile named 'o113n4wr.I2P Browsing'. Next, replace the current folder you added to /home/$USER/.librewolf/o113n4wr.I2P Browsing.

That's it. Next time you run the button / shortcut, the newest changes will be loaded in your I2PBrowsing profile (ensure name stays same as it uses exact location; $USER represents your username).

(above directions only for users who previously setup I2P-desktop)

Once setup, this starts i2prouter in the background while opening a custom Librewolf I2P profile browser, ready to use for I2P with a single tap on your screen.


📁 Download from the Gitea Onion (Use Tor Browser)


Edit start-i2p Command If Needed

Comments added for clarification:


Edit the line with icon path to match location of i2p.jpg (found inside I2P-desktop download) if you would like to use the I2P button icon shown in photo above (optional).

Next copy i2p.desktop to /home/$USER/.local/share/applications/i2p.desktop to create the desktop / interface button.

cp i2p.desktop /home/$USER/.local/share/applications/i2p.desktop

Below is a screenshot of example command you can use for copying our I2P Librewolf profile folder to /home/$USER/.librewolf.

⭐ If you rather not use commands, right click on the folder from I2P-desktop repository to copy and paste it into the .librewolf folder (found inside your $HOME directory).

Next: copy start-i2p to /usr/bin and make it executable:

sudo cp start-i2p /usr/bin && sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/start-i2p


Aim Librewolf address bar to about:profiles and press enter. You should see a button on lefthand side to Create New Browser Profile.

Call it "I2PBrowsing" for the start-i2p script (see below).

Next Select "Choose Folder" (shown below) to select the browser profile we copied to
/home/$USER/.librewolf as seen below:

Once you selected our browser profile (pre-setup named 'o113n4wr.I2P Browsing' included inside I2P-desktop), and you have it named "I2PBrowsing", you can complete the profile by hitting "Next".

about:profiles should now appear as below:

Disabling "Default Browser" Startup

On your first test run, to only the I2PBrowsing profile starts, disable 'opening console' inside I2Prouter console settings (see below).

If you do not disable this, your default browser will also open to the console (without proxy settings), and this could lead to oversharing with a direct connection (bad).

Set "Do not view console on startup" (in red) to prevent the wrong browser window from opening with I2P-desktop.


You now have a working I2P browser right on your Pinephone / Librem5 / (any) Linux device!


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