There's an easy way, and there's a right way.

I produced a small introduction video explaining what Whonix is, what Qubes OS is, and how each benefit you individually. Combined, making a perfect (daily driver) security + privacy setup.

I will be going over in future videos the most important topics you may learn in your security/privacy journey: File Integrity Checks and Signature verification using a "web of trust." Those videos still need much editing, but will go up. I try to break topics down in a way new users can understand.

Part of the reason for this channel is I find such nuanced variance in learning material. Some channels seem to focus on 'newbies'. Many channels seem to leave out what I consider important details and an earnest effort to help users understand some of the concepts - instead of simply suggesting programs.

I wanted to be a channel able to take the newbies along the journey and satiate appetites of the more experienced. I bring some of my own personal concepts into play I've developed via experimentation. Sometimes these concepts are not published elsewhere.

If you would like to join us on the (free) video journey, watch the first video here on one of the following mirrors here:


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[If you are in a rush to get Whonix/Qubes OS properly setup, consulting is available- or you could just leave a (free) comment: I am more than happy to answer individual questions as comments (for free)! I love and appreciate all followers and supporters :) For those interested: consulting includes a (temp) account on my anonymous/private cloud for 1 on 1 walk through and private advice]

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